night of the lepus (william f. claxton, usa 1972)

Every Little Crook And Nanny (Cy Howard, USA 1972)

Every Little Crook And Nanny (Cy Howard, USA 1972)

dudes (penelope spheeris, usa 1987)

Jesse James

Jesse James (Henry King, USA 1939)

Fun Fact: The theater shown is the Old Town Theatre in Cottonwood, Arizona, which opened in 1923 and was at the time the oldest running singles screen theater in the United States. It had to close for good in 1998 after a fire and was since reopened as a restaurant.

deadly blessing (wes craven, usa 1981)

Deadly Blessing

Summer of Fear (Wes Craven, USA 1978)

This screenshot was contributed by Nils Bothmann. Thanx!

the f word (irland/kanada 2013, michael dowse)


The Princess Bride (Rob Reiner, USA 1987)

This screenshot was contributed by Matthias Emser. Thanks!

purple rain (albert magnoli, usa 1984)

Purple Rain

Never Say Never Again (Irvin Kershner, Großbritannien/USA/Deutschland 1983)

vivre sa vie (jean-luc godard, frankreich 1962)

vivre sa vie

Jules et Jim (Francois Truffaut, Frankreich 1962)

This screenshot was contributed by David Leuenberger. Thanks!

riot on 42nd street (tim kincaid, usa 1987)


Penitentiary III (Jamaa Fanaka, USA 1987), Women’s Prison Massacre (Emanuelle fuga dall’inferno, Bruno Mattei, Italien 1983), Hamburger Hill (John Irvin, USA 1987), Steele Justice (Robert Boris, USA 1987)

Thanks to Florian Bülow for this contribution!

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