Schlagwort-Archive: 1970s

stunt rock (brian trenchard-smith, australien 1979)

Deep Throat (Gerard Damiano, USA 1972), The Devil In Miss Jones (Gerard Damiano, USA 1973)

Thanks to Patrick Lohmeier for Bahnhofskino.


rocky ll (sylvester stallone, usa 1979)

Magic (Richard Attenborough, USA 1978)

This contribution comes from David Stagnari. Thanks!

mikey and nicky (elaine may, usa 1976)

Time Of The Iron Hand (???), The Laughing Policeman (Stuart Rosenberg, USA 1973), Triple Irons (Xin Du Bi Dao, Chang Cheh, Hongkong 1971)

Thanks to David Stagnari for another great contribution.

heavy traffic (ralph bakshi, usa 1973)

The Crimson Pirate (Robert Siodmak, USA 1952)

This screenshot was contributed by Patrick Lohmeier from Bahnhofskino. Thank you!

the sunshine boys (herbert ross, usa 1975)

Earthquake! (Mark Robson, USA 1974)

Thanks to David Stagnari for this contribution!

the lawyer (sidney j. furie, usa 1970)

Hang ‚Em High (Ted Post, USA 1968)

Thanks for this contribution to David Stagnari!

truck stop women (mark l. lester, usa 1974)

Rio Lobo (Howard Hawks, USA 1970)

This screenshot was contributed by Matthias Emser. Thanks!

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