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hollywood high (patrick wright, usa 1976)

Logan’s Run (Michael Anderson, USA 1976)

Thanks to Mark Taylor for this contribution!


willie dynamite (gilbert moses, usa 1974)

Little Miss Innocence (Chris Garfield, USA 1973), Pornography in Hollywood (Carlos Tobalina, USA 1972), Slip Of The Tongue (?, USA 1971)

Cry Uncle! (John G. Avildsen, USA 1971), Relations (Sonja – 16 år, Hans Abramson/Brandon Chase, Dänemark 1969)

Wattstax (Mel Stuart, USA 1973)

This collection comes from my frequent contributor Vamp Circus. I’ve never met him, I don’t know his real name, who he is or where he comes from, but I’m always happy when I see his e-mails. Thank you for keeping this blog going!

doc savage: the man of bronze (michael anderson, usa 1975)

Captain Blood (Michael Curtiz, USA 1935)

THanks to Nils Bothmann who shared this screenshot.

report to the commissioner (milton katselas, usa 1975)

The Great Gatsby (Jack Clayton, USA 1974), Blazing Saddles (Mel Brooks, USA 1974)

Serpico (Sidney Lumet, USA 1974)

Claudine (John Berry, USA 1974)

il commissario di ferro (stelvio massi, italien 1978)

The Swarm (Irwin Allen, USA 1978)

felicity (john d. lamond, australien 1978)

She diao ying xiong chuan xu ji (Chang Cheh, Hongkong 1978), Goldfinger (Terence Young, Großbritannien 1964)

Thanks to Patrick Lohmeier from

stunt rock (brian trenchard-smith, australien 1979)

Deep Throat (Gerard Damiano, USA 1972), The Devil In Miss Jones (Gerard Damiano, USA 1973)

Thanks to Patrick Lohmeier for Bahnhofskino.

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