Schlagwort-Archive: Blaxploitation

willie dynamite (gilbert moses, usa 1974)

Little Miss Innocence (Chris Garfield, USA 1973), Pornography in Hollywood (Carlos Tobalina, USA 1972), Slip Of The Tongue (?, USA 1971)

Cry Uncle! (John G. Avildsen, USA 1971), Relations (Sonja – 16 år, Hans Abramson/Brandon Chase, Dänemark 1969)

Wattstax (Mel Stuart, USA 1973)

This collection comes from my frequent contributor Vamp Circus. I’ve never met him, I don’t know his real name, who he is or where he comes from, but I’m always happy when I see his e-mails. Thank you for keeping this blog going!


slaughter’s big rip-off (gordon douglas, usa 1973)

The Legend Of Boggy Creek (Charles B. Pierce, USA 1972)


black caesar (larry cohen, usa 1973)

Charleston Blue (Come Back, Charleston Blue, Mark Warren, USA 1972)

Super Fly (Gordon Parks Jr., USA 1972)

The Godfather (Francis Ford Coppola, USA 1972)

shaft (gordon parks, usa 1971)

The Scalphunters (Sidney Pollack, USA 1968), Rough Night in Jericho (Albert Laven, USA 1967)

Little Fauss and Big Halsy (Sidney J. Fury, USA 1970), Barbarella (Roger Vadim, Frankreich/Italien 1968)

He and She (Matt Cimber, USA 1970), The Animal (Lee Frost, USA 1968)

School for Sex (Pete Walker, Großbritannien 1969), The Wild Female (Carlos Samoya, USA 1968)

Cotton Comes to Harlem (Ossie Davis, USA 1970), They Call Me Mr. Tibbs! (Gordon Douglas, USA 1970)

Tora! Tora! Tora! (Richard Fleischer/Kinji Fukasaku/Toshio Masuda, USA/Japan 1970), Love Story (Arthur Hiller, USA 1970), The Owl and the Pussycat (Herbert Ross, USA 1970)

Scorpio '70 (Henri Pachard, USA 1970)

Get Carter (Mike Hodges, Großbritannien 1971), Patton (Franklin J. Schaffner, USA 1970), M.A.S.H. (Robert Altman, USA 1970)

Laut IMDb sollte irgendwo auch noch eine Tafel zu sehen sein, die PERFECT FRIDAY annonciert, aber ich habe sie nicht gefunden. Wer mehr Glück hat, darf sie mir gern nachliefern.

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