die zweite heimat – chronik einer jugend: kennedys kinder. alex 1963“ (edgar reitz, deutschland 1992)

Cleopatra ((Joseph L. Mankiewicz, USA 1963)

Thanks to David Leuenberger from Whoknows presents, who contributed this shot.


cannibal ferox (umberto lenzi, italien 1981)

Gloria (John Cassavetes, USA 1980)

Divine Madness (Michael Ritchie, USA 1980), The Exterminator (James Glickenhaus, USA 1980), Fame (Alan Parker, USA 1980), Hopscotch (Ronald Neame, USA 1980)

the falcon and the snowman (john schlesinger, usa 1985)

Exterminating Angel (El Ángel Exterminador, Luis Bunuel, Mexiko 1962)

Thanks to Stefan Jung from Deep Red Radio.

twins (ivan reitman, usa 1988)

Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood (John Carl Buechler, USA 1988)


These screenshots were taken and contributed by Patrick Lohmeier from Bahnhofskino.

mr. india (shekhar kapur, indien 1987)

Mad Max 2 (Mad Max 2, George Miller, Australien 1981)

Thanks to Patrick Lohmeier from bahnhofskino.com.

felicity (john d. lamond, australien 1978)

She diao ying xiong chuan xu ji (Chang Cheh, Hongkong 1978), Goldfinger (Terence Young, Großbritannien 1964)

Thanks to Patrick Lohmeier from bahnhofskino.com.

the wizard of speed and time (mike jittlov, usa 1988)

Dawn of the Dead (George A. Romero, USA 1978), The Evil Dead (Sam Raimi, USA 1981), Dead and Buried (Gary Sherman, USA 1981)

This shot was contributed by Marc Ewert. Thanks!

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