Schlagwort-Archive: Gangsterfilm

chicago syndicate (fred f. sears, usa 1955)

On The Waterfront (Elia Kazan, USA 1954)

The Barefoot Contessa (Joseph L. Mankiewicz, USA 1954)

These screenshots were contributed by Alex Klotz from Hypnosemaschinen.

da corleone a brooklyn (umberto lenzi, italien 1979)


The Brink’s Job (William Friedkin, USA 1978), The Choirboys (Robert Aldrich, USA 1977)

Found this screenshot browsing the web on a blog called Film Forno.

5 x dillinger

Dillinger (Max Nosseck, USA 1945)

Manhattan Melodrama (W. S. Van Dyke, USA 1934)


Dillinger (John Milius, USA 1973)

The Lady in Red (Lewis Teague, USA 1979)

Dillinger (Rupert Wainwright, USA 1991)

Public Enemies (Michael Mann, USA 2009)

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