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bulworth (warren beatty, usa 1998)

Bildschirmfoto 2013-06-22 um 13.06.55

Superfly (Gordon Parks jr., USA 1972), Blacula (William Crain, USA 1972)

movie-kinocenter, marienberg (sachsen)

These pictures defy the convention of this blog but I think they are too beautiful to not post them here. They show the „Movie-Kinocenter“ in the small town of Marienberg in Saxony, Germany. The front of the building with its old school marquee is pure cine-nostalgia even if the movies announced aren’t. I guess it would’ve been too much of a good thing if they would’ve shown THE EXTERMINATOR, DEATH WISH 2 and MISSING IN ACTION …



taxi zum klo (frank ripploh, deutschland 1980)


Winterkinder (Vinterbørn, Astrid Henning-Jensen, Dänemark 1978)

Thanks again to Sebastian Schubert, who contributed this beautiful screenshot.

der himmel über berlin (wim wenders, deutschland/frankreich 1987)


Staatsanwälte küsst man nicht (Legal Eagles, Ivan Reitman, usa 1986)

Thanks for this contribution to Sebastian Schubert!

die halbstarken (georg tressler, deutschland 1956)


Der Mann, den es nie gab (The Man Who Never Was, Ronald Neame, Großbritannien 1956)

Thanks to Sebastian Schubert for this contribution!

matinee (joe dante, usa 1993)


Tales of Terror (Roger Corman, USA 1962), Burn Witch Burn (Sidney Hayers, Großbritannien 1962)

This beautiful screenshot was contributed by Matthias Emser. Thank you very much!

frankenweenie (tim burton, usa 2012)

Frankenweenie Bambi

Bambi (James Algar u.a., USA 1942)

Thanks for this contribution to Nils Bothmann!

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