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vivre sa vie (jean-luc godard, frankreich 1962)

vivre sa vie

Jules et Jim (Francois Truffaut, Frankreich 1962)

This screenshot was contributed by David Leuenberger. Thanks!

le mepris (jean-Luc godard, frankreich/italien 1963)


Viaggio In Italia (Roberto Rossellini, Italien/Frankreich 1954)

Found this screenshot on a nice blog called The Cynephile. I think when author Cynthia Lugo recieves the pingback, her questions concerning other marquee shots in movies will be answered. 🙂

bande à part (jean-luc godard, frankreich 1964)

Faites sauter la banque! (Jean Girault, Frankreich 1964)

3 Sergents (Sergeants 3, John Sturges, USA 1962)

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